Forgotten World

The 'Forgotten World' is a hunt update in which players can acquire Dimension Holes from Dimension Pillars generated throughout the map. Through the Holes, players can enter into another dimension called the 'Forgotten World', destroying monsters and receving various items and EXP.New dungeons are added for the upper and lower levels. Players can also acquire collection items called 'talismans' by defeating unique monsters or finding hidden treasure chests. Once players collect all talismans for a certain collection book, they can exchange them for powerful items.

Entering the Forgotten World

  • Creating Dimension Pillars: Hunting regular monsters generates Dimension Pillars at random.
  • Destroying Dimension Pillars: Destroying Dimension Pillars generates monsters.
  • Acquiring Dimension Holes: The 'Dimension Hole' item is dropped when summoned monsters are defeated.

Conquering the Forgotten World

  • Generating the Gate: Using a 'Dimension Hole' in a town opens the gate to the Forgotten World.
  • Entering the Gate: Click the gate to teleport to the Forgotten World.
  • Dungeon Activities: Defeat the monsters in the Forgotten World instance dungeon and find the hidden treasure chest.
  • Rewards: You can receive EXP rewards as well as talismans with which to complete collections.

Collection Books

  • You can earn 11th degree set weapons as rewards when you complete 'Collection Books' with the talismans obtained during your journey in the Forgotten World.

Magic POP

What is Magic POP?

This is a system in which the user purchases a gift certificate (Magic POP Card) on the Item Mall and selects a desired item.
If the user wins the item randomly, the selected item is released.
If not, a random item is given.


① Go to Magic POP with a Magic POP Card.


② Click Magic POP to open the window shown below.


③ Select a desired item to earn from the selection.


④ Click and drag to insert the Magic POP Card into a slot shown below.


⑤ Click the Play button to activate Magic POP. The desired item may be won randomly.
(Win: Red coupon, Lose: Green coupon)

Alchemy Procedures

Alchemy refers to the process by which one alters the composing elements of a certain material so as to create another type of material from it.
In the past, alchemists made many attempts to create a potion of immortality, but to no avail.
In that process, however, alchemists discovered ways to perform a variety of tasks, such as raising the reinforcement level of equipment items, imbuing magical properties, altering attributes, and producing alchemical drugs.
What was once the privileged secret of alchemists in the past began to be discovered, people were empowered to render equipment items more powerful by making up for their weaknesses and adding new properties.

Equip Enhance

All items come with reinforcement levels. The attributes of the item varies according to the reinforcement level. The greater the reinforcement level, the greater the attributes of the item.
The reinforcement level can be increased through Alchemy. The power of the item changes accordingly.

Adding Magical Properties

Some items come with magical properties displayed in blue.
Magical properties are not included in the basic attributes of the item. The magical effects are only applied when the item is equipped.
Magical properties can be added to items through Alchemy. A variety of magical effects enhance the power of the item.

Altering Properties

Items come with a variety of attributes such as Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Critical Hit, and Durability.
Although these attributes determine the power of the item, they cannot be altered.
With Alchemy, however, there is now a chance to adjust all attributes of an item, creating a more powerful one.

Producing Alchemy Drugs

Some NPCs in Silkroad gives the player character a quest and provide a special item as a reward for completing it.
These items are applied to the player character immediately and provide special effects for a time.
But, through Alchemy, Alchemy Drugs can be produced, allowing the player character to apply certain buff effects whenever desired.



  • Player Online 68 / 1500
  • CAP 110
  • Degree 11
  • EXP Rate 1.5x
  • Skill EXP Rate 3x
  • Party EXP 2x
  • Alchemy Rate 1x
  • EU Mastery Limit 220
  • CH Mastery Limit 440
  • PC/IP Limit 2/4
  • Silk/H 2


  • SERVER TIME: 00:52:38
  • Capture The Flag:
  • Battle Arena:
  • Medusa:
  • Roc:
  • Isis & Anubis:
  • Selket & Neith:
  • Harories & Seth:
  • Special Goods:
  • Fortress War:
  • Register: Daily 00:00 - 18:00